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SCL is the brainchild of Shri Jayesh Shah whose entrepreneurial and innovative spirit knows no bar. He has climbed this path with a strong belief in his vision and an undying spirit since the day he set up a trading firm (M/s Vimal Enterprise) in Mumbai at an early age of 20. Guided by his sound knowledge and experience, SCL continues to conquer new high points on the path of success.

Supporting his vision by action are members of the enterprising Shah family who have been nurtured to carry forth the legacy that is being built today. While Shri Mukesh Shah, heads the marketing function of the company from Mumbai, the remaining team is spread across the country with the production anchor in Morbi.

The management of SCL is well-structured with hierarchy in place and proper distribution of authority and responsibility. At SCL internal authority lies in the hands of the Board of Directors while a separate management team is responsible for day to day management.

Departments at SCPL include:

  • Production Department (colour shop, glass cutting, finishing, foiling & fitting, molding)
  • General Manager's office
  • Marketing & Sales Department (Dispatch & Billing)
  • Administration Department
  • Purchase Department
  • Department of Finance & Accounts
  • Research & Development Department
  • Technical Department (GEB)
  • Stores Department (Inward & outward inventory & replacement).
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