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Generally, we observe that whenever we go to any clock stores, watches or clocks are set to 10:10. Many theories exist behind the motive of clocks showing 10: 10 where in one hand (Hour Hand) points to number 10 and the other one (Minute Hand) is pointing to number 2. Some of the main reasons are:

  • Majority claims that it's all a marketing gimmick. Clock and watch makers normally put their logo / brand under the number 12. So positioning the hands of the clock to 10 and 2, creates a wedge that draws the eye upward, displaying both hands and, most importantly, showcasing the logo / brand along with other details if any. It is believed that Timex was the first one to use this marketing approach in its 1960s advertisements.

  • It is believed that 10 is a feel good number, so 10:10 leaves one feeling warm and lucky. Looking at the clock showing 10:10 resembles to a smiley face which produces positive vibes at the store increasing sales.

  • It is also claimed that Abraham Lincoln has a great influence on this because he died at 10:10 pm, although this theory has never been verified and documented.

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